Documentation style

This describes the style conventions used in the MESA documentation.

Here is a link to a reStructured Text primer.

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Write module names as literals. My favorite module is eos.

Option names also literals like my_option. Ideally someday these would become hyperlinks to their reference entries.


References should be written in the usual astrophysics style – like Dotter et al. (2009) – and hyperlinked to either their ADS entry (preferred) or a DOI.


Common astrophysics symbols have substitutions already defined in

Symbol Substitution
\({\rm M}_\odot\) |Msun|
\({\rm L}_\odot\) |Lsun|
\({\rm R}_\odot\) |Rsun|
\(T_{\rm eff}\) |Teff|
\(\chi^2\) |chi^2|

Instrument Papers

Instrument papers should be indicated using the abbreviated form MESA I, etc. (This is achieved using the substitution |MESA I|.)