Known bugs

This page lists a number of known bugs or issues in released versions of MESA. Where possible we will also list work arounds, but for some bugs the only option will be to update to a newer version of MESA. Note this list is NOT comprehensive, users should check this first if they have an issue but it may not be complete.


Convective Premixing

Convective premixing (CPM) has not worked properly since release r15140. CPM was broken by the removal of the lnPgas_flag, which caused some of the necessary EOS updates to be missed after CPM updates the abundances in mixed cells. CPM does not need lnPgas_flag, but it does require EOS updates at constant pressure. This will be fixed in future releases.

See gh-425

Invalid location for overshoot boundary

Sometimes MESA will crash with an error similar to this:

s%top_conv_bdy(i)= F
D(k)   0.0000000000000000
s%D_mix(k-1)   1.1101956346180402
s%overshoot_D_min   100.00000000000000
Invalid location for overshoot boundary: cz_bdy_dq, dq= -0.13040604669743103        1.4532774141478022E-003
        0 terminate reason: nonzero_ierr

This bug effects many previous versions of MESA as well. This has been fixed in gh-400 . The solution is to update to a newer MESA version.


Al26 isomers

After running a model with the al26 isomers in your net, when you run the model again, it may immediately crashes and prints a backtrace containing:

create initial model
create rate data for r_al26-1_to_al26-2
create rate data for r_al26-2_to_al26-1

Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Backtrace for this error:
#0  0x7fd69c02931f in ???
    at /usr/src/debug/glibc-2.33-20.fc34.x86_64/signal/../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/sigaction.c:670
#1  0x99a523 in __interp_1d_misc_MOD_do_interp_values

The solution for now is to remove all files in $MESA_DIR/data/rates_data/cache/ before each MESA run, you may also find that changing the number of OMP threads also fixes the problem.

See gh-360

Atmosphere in pulse data

The control add_atmosphere_to_pulse_data does not work properly with an Eddington atmosphere (the default), and also crashes if atm_T_tau_opacity = 'varying' is set.

See gh-375

Colors: bad filter name

If you get an error:

bad filter name:

First check that the name matches in your history_coloumns.list file and your color file. Next check for non-printing characters history_coloumns.list in the filter name. This can bee checked with:

cat -A history_columns.list | grep "abs_mag"

Finally, there is a bug if you name any column with / in it (for instance [Fe/H]). The solution is to rename the column to remove the forward slash.

See gh-379


An experimental RSP solver feature was turned on by default, leading to convergence issues in nonlinear model integration. Users should include RSP_do_check_omega = .true. in the &controls section of their inlists to get rid of this issue.