Getting help

External packages (ADIPLS, GYRE, STELLA)

MESA happily provides specific versions of external software instruments such as GYRE, ADIPLS, and STELLA. While the MESA developers do not actively support these external packages, we do support interfaces to them. See, for example, astero_adipls and astero_gyre within $MESA_DIR/astero/test_suite for how to make calls to those packages during a stellar evolution run. Also see $MESA_DIR/star/test_suite/ccsn_IIp for how to prepare input for STELLA from the output of mesa/star run. Finally, $MESA_DIR/stella/res/stella_extras.f90 has routines for converting some of the output of STELLA into a more “MESA friendly” form. Again, we support all of these interfaces and continue to welcome questions about using them and suggestions for making them better.

If the above instruments are useful for one’s experiments, then fantastic. If one encounters difficulties or bugs when using one of these packages, then (a) don’t use the package in the troublesome regime and (b) direct reports to the developers of those packages. GYRE is an excellent example. One of reasons why one doesn’t see many GYRE related questions on mesa-users is because GYRE has an active and robust support system (see This said, it is possible that another mesa-user has encountered the same challenge when using one of these external instruments, been able to resolve the issue, and is willing to share their solution with the community. We continue to welcome mesa-users posts about these external packages.