MESA Summer Schools

* MESA Summer School Programs – this page under construction! *

History of the MESA Summer School Program

The MESA Summer Schools have traditionally been held in Santa Barbara, California, until 2022. The 2023 MESA Summer School program, branded as MESA@Konkoly, was held in Budapest, Hungary. As of 2023, MESA Summer Schools can be run anywhere in the world. The involvement of the MESA developers is encouraged, and we are happy to help.

How to run a MESA Summer School

Preparing a good program takes about a year. Historically, the program has taken place in the middle of August. Assuming this timing, preparations for next year’s program should begin in September.

1 year + out (September/October)

  • Book a venue

  • Choose your organizational team

9 months out (November)

  • Contact lecturers. Try to invite people with a diverse set of research areas and consider focusing on topics that have not been covered in past programs (see previous summer school pages and agendas for this information)

  • Contact TAs.