This summarizes some of the external MESA infrastructure and who controls it.


We have the MESAHub GitHub organization. The members of the MTC/MAC all have owner-level privileges. MESAHub is classified as an educational organization and this currently grants us a 100% discount, meaning this costs $0/yr. Unsubsidized, it would cost about $1200/yr.

This is a long-standing domain name used by MESA.

Domain Name

Matteo controls the domain name (using and handles renewing it, updating nameservers, etc.

DNS Servers

The domain is configured to use Digital Ocean nameservers and the DNS records are managed by Josiah.

Mailing lists

The and lists are hosted by MailmanLists. The account is controlled by Frank who pays the hosting fees (through grants at ASU). This costs about $100/year.

New account signups are handled by Frank, Evan, and Rob.


The address redirects to the MESA marketplace, which is controlled and hosted by Frank at ASU.


The Sphinx documentation is hosted by ReadTheDocs. Rich controls the account (and Rob and Evan have access to it). This is currently free for open source software.


The original home of MESA development was sourceforge. Most developers involved c. 2015 or earlier have admin privileges. This is a free service.


We still use the website domian name, but only for a top-level redirect to

The source code for the old sourceforge site lives at


Rich controls the Slack and pays for it (through grants at UW Madison). This costs around $130 per year (about $10/user/yr).


The MESA TestHub runs on Heroku and the account is controlled by Bill Wolf. It is funded by Frank and Bill W. The Heroku account costs around $600/yr, though its cost has been higher during the GitHub transition.

The testing log archive lives on a server controlled by Josiah. The marginal cost is $1/month, which he covers.


The Flatiron Scientific Computing Core provides continuous integration testing for MESA via jenkins. This was set up in 2021 by Dylan Simon (Flatiron) and Josiah. The configuration lives in the jenkins directory. Matteo serves as the point of contact at Flatiron.


We have multiple resources archived on Zenodo. This is a free service.


The MESA community on Zenodo is controlled by Pablo.