These scripts help check MESA for common problems. The linters must be run from $MESA_DIR/linters.

This script makes sure that all of the values included in are saved in photos.

This script checks that the history and profile code and the *_columns.list files are in sync. It can also check the column files in the test_suite if enabled in the source code.

This script checks that the controls and star_job defaults, the *, and *_io.f90 files are in sync.

This script checks that the inlist_pgstar files in the test_suite have valid history/profile columns. Note it will have false postives for things only defined in a run_star_extras.f90 and does not check non inlist_pgstar files pgstar sections.

This script checks that the ~-level underlines in the defaults files are the correct lengths and fixes any problems it finds.

Checks fortran files for consistency with MESA’s style guide.

Run over files and provide details of failures:

python3 *.f90

Provides only a count per file of the number of issues found:

python3 -s *.f90

This script checks that each test suite case is listed in CODEOWNERS and checks whether each test case has 0 owners (very bad) or just 1 owner (less bad but should be fixed).

Parses CODEOWNERS and prints the test cases owned by each person.

Checks all .f90 files for stop 1 or stop ‘string’ and replaces them with a call to mesa_error(__FILE__,__LINE__) . This way we can always find where an error occurs rather than the non-unique stop 1 location.

Checks all .f90 files for writes thats are both empty and unformatted (i.e write (,) ) (it also handles if the write is to a unit). Unformatted writes are non-portable and can cause issues with ifort.

Checks all .f90 files for unamed critical blocks. When critical blocks are unnamed they acts as one block thus each must be run seperatly. When critical blocks are named they can each be run in parrallel improving perfomance.

Copies the history and profile default columns file into each test case while preserving enabled options in each test case

Fixes various controls in the test_suite inlists that should not be enabled by default.

This handles the replacement of s% with s% ctrl% while being smart about only doing that to controls.