This test suite evolves a low metalicity 20 \({\rm M}_\odot\) model from the pre-ms to core collapse.

Physical checks



This test case has seven parts.

  • Part 1 (inlist_make_late_pre_zams) creates a 20 \({\rm M}_\odot\), Z=1.6*10^-3 metallicity, pre-main sequence model and evolves it for 100 years.

  • Part 2 (inlist_to_zams) evolves the model to the zero age main sequence.

  • Part 3 (inlist_to_end_core_he_burn) takes the model to core helium depletion.

  • Part 4 (inlist_remove_envelope) removes the remianing hydrogen envelope.

  • Part 5 (inlist_to_end_core_c_burn) takes the model to core carbon depletion.

  • Part 6 (inlist_to_lgTmax) evolves the model until the core temperature reaches log T =9.55 (approximately silicon burning)

  • Part 7 (inlist_to_cc) evolves until core collapse.

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