This test case evolves an initialy 200 \({\rm M}_\odot\) star from ZAMS untill it undergoes a pair instability supernovae (PISN)

Physical checks

This tracks the central value of (Gamma1 - 4/3) and the point when the pressure weighted integral of Gamma1-4/3 (integral_gamma1) first drops below 0. This value should be 0 or negative otherwise we do not have a PISN but instead PPISN (Renzo et al (2020))


This test case has seven parts.

  • Part 1 (inlist_make_late_pre_zams) This creates a 200 \({\rm M}_\odot\) Z=1.6*10-3 model

  • Part 2 (inlist_to_zams_header) This evolves the model to just before the MS starts

  • Part 3 (inlist_to_end_core_he_burn) This takes the model up to the end of core helium burning

  • Part 4 (inlist_remove_envelope_header) This removes whats left of the hydrogren envelope

  • Part 5 (inlist_to_end_core_c_burn) This takes the model up to the end of carbon burning

  • Part 6 (inlist_convert) This prepares the model for a PISN, by switching from cell-faced to cell-centered hydrodynamics, turning off rotation, and turning on the AMR mesh controls.

  • Part 7 (inlist_finish) This evoles the model through the PISN by taking it through carbon burning, explosive oxygen ignition, and stops once the star reaches a positive total energy.

Last-Updated: 23Jun2021 (MESA 21a860) by rjfarmer