This test case exercises radiative levitation and the OP mono opacities in the outer layers of a 0.466 Msun, Z=0.02 metallicity, B-type subdwarf (sdB) model.

This test case has 1 part. Click to see a larger version of a plot. This test case requires the OP_mono data. See the section OP mono opacities in controls.defaults for information on how to obtain this data and set the relevant paths.

  • Part 1 (inlist_radiative_levitation) loads a pre-built 0.466 Msun, Z=0.02 metallicity, B-type subdwarf (sdB) model, created from make_sdb with an envelope thickness x_ctrl(1) set to 1e-3. Evolution commences with element diffusion activated (do_element_diffusion = .true.) and radiative levitation enabled for Fe56 and Ni58 (diffusion_min_Z_for_radaccel = 26 and diffusion_max_Z_for_radaccel = 28) for temperatures less than 1e7 K (diffusion_max_T_for_radaccel = 1e7). The evolution terminates after 1 million years. The run_star_extras.f90 then checks that at a mass location of 1e-10 Msun that the mass fraction of Fe56 is greater than 0.02, the mass fraction of Ni58 is greater than 0.007, and that their sum is less than 0.8. If so, a success message is written to the terminal:

found expected effects of radiative levitation

pgstar commands used for the plot above:


 file_white_on_black_flag = .true. ! white_on_black flags -- true means white foreground color on black background
 !file_device = 'png'            ! png
 !file_extension = 'png'

 file_device = 'vcps'          ! postscript
 file_extension = 'ps'

 pgstar_interval = 10

        Profile_Panels3_win_flag = .true.
        Profile_Panels3_win_width = 10
        Profile_Panels3_title = 'radiative_levitation'

        Profile_Panels3_xaxis_name = 'logxm'
        Profile_Panels3_xaxis_reversed = .true.
        Profile_Panels3_xmin = -14 ! only used if /= -101d0
        Profile_Panels3_xmax = -1 ! only used if /= -101d0

        Profile_Panels3_num_panels = 3
        Profile_Panels3_yaxis_name(2) = 'opacity'
        Profile_Panels3_other_yaxis_name(2) = 'gradr'

        Profile_Panels3_file_flag = .true.
        Profile_Panels3_file_dir = 'pgstar_out'
        Profile_Panels3_file_prefix = 'profile_'
        Profile_Panels3_file_interval = 10000
        Profile_Panels3_file_width = 10
        Profile_Panels3_file_aspect_ratio = -1

/ ! end of pgstar namelist

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