This test calls the routines that relax the composition, angular momentum and energy of a model to given target values.

Part 1 (inlist_create_input) evolves a 10 \({\rm M}_\odot\) model with a 300 km/s surface rotation rate from ZAMS until the effective temperature drops below 8000 K and saves the composition, angular momentum and entropy profiles to files.

Part 2 (inlist_start_relax_composition_j_entropy) uses MESA’s relax_initial_... controls to relax the same ZAMS model as part 1 directly to the target profiles, also saved in part 1, and then checks that the luminosity and effective temperature are within 0.5 per cent of the values in the final model of part 1.

Part 3 (inlist_relax_composition_j_entropy) evolves the relaxed model from part 2 until it finishes core helium burning.

Last-Updated: 2021-09-16 (commit 77c4f41e) by Warrick Ball