This test case checks the implementation of GYRE in MESA for the envelope of a 12 Msun, Z=0.02 metallicity, model.

This test case has 4 parts.

  • Part 1 (inlist_zams) builds a 12.0 Msun, Z=0.02 metallicity, pre-main sequence model and evolves it to the zero age main sequence.

  • Part 2 (inlist_tams) continues the evolution until the central hydrogen mass fraction is less than 1e-4.

  • Part 3 (inlist_remove_center) removes cells with a temperature greater than 2e6 K and setting new inner boundary conditions for mass, radius, velocity, and luminosity. This step excises about 11.96 Msun from the model and then run terminates (i.e., no evolution is done).

  • Part 4 (inlist_pulse) continues the evolution for 5 timesteps. During this evolution the run_star_extras.f90 calls GYRE, processes the GYRE output, and searches for a p-mode frequency of 6.2e-5 Hz (62 microHz). Close matches to this target frequency are reported in the terminal:

  model   order           freq (Hz)             P (sec)             P (day)        growth (day)              growth    cycles to double
    317       1          0.6149E-04          16263.9143              0.1882            104.0585              0.0018            552.7976
matched target frequency
    317       2          0.7806E-04              0.0000              0.0000              stable


  model   order           freq (Hz)             P (sec)             P (day)        growth (day)              growth    cycles to double
    321       1          0.6137E-04          16294.6111              0.1886            106.1335              0.0018            562.7586
matched target frequency
    321       2          0.7790E-04              0.0000              0.0000              stable

Last-Updated: 11Jun2021 (MESA 5be9e57) by fxt.