Tests the implementation of the various surface effect corrections available in MESA using the output model from simplex_solar_calibration. First, it adds a surface effect correction to the model frequencies and checks that the input parameters are recovered precisely. Second, it fits the surface effect correction to observed BiSON frequencies and checks that the fit parameters satisfy some very loose constraints. The observed frequencies are from Broomhall et al. (2009) and Davies et al. (2014) for frequencies above and below 2000 μHz, respectively, and can be retrieved in plain text from the BiSON Open Data Portal.

If the first test fails, it is almost certainly because of a bug in the implementation of the failing surface term.

If the second test fails, it might be because the input model is somehow no longer close enough to the Sun. Try rerunning the solar calibration and copying the best-fit model to s1.mod. You can also update the target parameter values using the Python script, whose output can be written to src/ i.e., run

python3 > src/

Last-Update: 2022-03-11 (mesa 4ee4cc0) by Warrick Ball