Runs first few steps of a grid search for some synthetic data. This test exists only to increase test coverage of the routines involved in a grid search (some of which is used by other optimisation routines). It should not be the basis of any scientific runs. The tolerances are all very loose to make each iteration fast enough that the test completes within a few minutes. The data is taken from the output of a 1 \({\rm M}_\odot\) model at an age around 1 Gyr.

The output in effect only checks that at least one set of trial parameters returned a value of \(\chi^2\). There are two main failure modes. First, failure might benignly indicate that the initial parameters have strayed too far from the synthetic constraints to produce any output, in which case the initial guesses or target data should be adjusted. Second, failure might indicate that the grid search optimisation is genuinely broken and needs fixing.

Last-Update: 2022-03-29 (mesa 998d243) by Warrick Ball