Updated MESA Maps

The MESA user maps have been updated to reflect the results of Frank Timmes recent survey.

In the US, the most growth was in Los Angeles, Texas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. New states include Idaho, North Carolina, and Tennesee.

Global user growth between April 2014 and September 2015 is ~13%, with most coming from the ~35% growth in the USA market, and most of the rest coming from China and then Australia.

The estimated error in the number of registered users is ~5%.

[[Map of MESA users (USA)][mmu_png]][mmu_pdf] [mmu_png]:/assets/images/mesa_users_sep2015_usa_mercator.png [mmu_pdf]:/assets/images/mesa_users_sep2015_usa_mercator.pdf

[[Map of MESA users (World)][mmw_png]][mmw_pdf] [mmw_png]:/assets/images/mesa_users_sep2015_world_mercator.png [mmw_pdf]:/assets/images/mesa_users_sep2015_world_mercator.pdf