Docker, Python and Web

This week has seen three new/updated projects announced on mesa-users.

Evan Bauer announces MESA-Docker:

It’s a Docker container with MESA already installed, and it should work with any OS that supports Docker, including Windows 10. This should serve as a useful tool for those who are ready to invest some extra effort to step beyond the limited options of MESA-Web, but not yet comfortable configuring their environment for full installation.

Rob Farmer announces pyMesa:

This is a set of low level python bindings for MESA to allow easy access to the individual MESA modules. This is aimed for those people who want to quickly get a result from a MESA module and don’t want to worry about getting fortran code compiled and working.

Carl Fields announces updates to MESA-Web:

  1. Users can now choose to upload a custom reaction rate.

  2. More mixing parameters available for calculations.

  3. Jobs now run for 4hrs or until iron core collapse.