Release 8118



Revision 8118 has been designated a MESA release version.

We call your attention to some high level items. Please consult the full release notes, available in this mailing list post, to learn more.

  • Almost all extras routines in run_star_extras and run_binary_extras are now implemented as hooks, in a similar way to all other_\* routines. If you use a custom run_star_extras, you need to slightly modify it for it to be compatible with this and future versions.

  • The old RGB_wind_scheme and AGB_wind_scheme have been replaced with temperature-dependent hot_wind_scheme and cool_wind_RGB_scheme and cool_wind_AGB_scheme.

  • There has been a small change in how opacities are computed when blending Type1 and Type2 tables.

  • Several errors in the on-the-fly weak rate implementation have been corrected. If you have been making use of these capabilities in r7624, please contact Josiah Schwab ( for more details.

  • MESA’s color module has now be extended. You can output either the raw bolometric correction(s) or the absolute magnitude(s). PGSTAR plots have also been added to plot magnitude-magnitude, color-magnitude and color-color plots.

  • A new pgstar plot “network” has been added to show total abundances of isotopes as a function of N vs Z and is a useful way to visualize the distribution of isotopes in your nuclear network.

  • We now can run the star tests with NaN traps enabled combined with pre-setting all dynamically allocated memory to hold NaNs. This is very effective at showing up accesses to uninitialized data that the compiler can’t catch.

A ZIP file of this release is available for download.